Tax Recordkeeping and Reporting Services

Ownership and trading of digital assets increases the burden of income tax compliance. Several firms offer software-based services to help taxpayers with income tax compliance and recordkeeping requirements.

These firms help financial planners, advisory firms, CPA firms and others, as well as individuals, determine taxability of digital asset transactions, calculate tax gains and losses, determine appropriate tax categorization of transactions and produce tax reporting forms for inclusion in the taxpayer’s income tax filings.

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Ledgible Crypto TaxPro helps investment advisors retain current clients and attract new business by handling tax planning and advisory services around crypto assets with ease. It will work directly with an advisor’s clients to get data collected, corrected and ready to report. Ledgible features exchange and wallet integrations and tax software integrations that import directly into 1040 Tax Preparation Systems.

ZenLedger’s mission is to provide its clients with the most user-friendly tax and accounting software for cryptocurrency investments, trading and fund operations. ZenLedger helps digital asset traders connect their wallets and exchanges in one platform to quickly generate their tax forms.

CoinTracker is a unified interface for digital assets. It lets crypto holders connect their wallets and exchanges, see their portfolio, wallets and transactions in one place, and generate their digital asset tax returns with the click of a button.

Lukka offers a suite of tax-related services to individuals and professionals. Essentials by Lukka allows retail customers to connect their accounts and see their trades and balances in one place.


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